The Emergency Clown Nose® company was founded by husband-and-wife clown team Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole. Their design of a clown nose in a medicine jar distills into a bottle their mission of healing through laughter. They are sold across the United States and internationally. When attempting to ship their first pallet of Emergency Clown Noses overseas, Lloyd encountered an apathetic US Customs Agent on the phone.

Lloyd introduced himself as, “I’m the Emergency Clown Nose Company.”

The lady agent stopped cold and asked, “What is an emergency clown nose?”

“It’s a clown nose in a medicine jar. Healing through laughter in a bottle,” Lloyd answered.

The customs agent asked, “You’re sending those out into the World?”

“Yes.” Lloyd replied.

Her voice cracked as she said, “Do you realize that you’re changing the World?”